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Donan and Datawing partner


Donan is proud to announce they are partnering with DataWing, a national UAS services company based in San Antonio, Texas, to provide nationwide UAV inspection services with fast turnaround times and competitive pricing. This partnership will combine Donan’s expertise in property insurance forensic investigations with DataWing’s vast knowledge of drone technology and aviation training, to deliver customized UAV solutions to insurance customers coast-to-coast.

Lyle Donan, President & CEO of Donan, shared his excitement about the collaboration.  “Our core competency is property forensics and bringing innovative solutions to our customers is in our DNA.  As we’ve grown our R&D efforts over the last several years we’ve been blessed to meet many brilliant innovators who are inspired to leverage their unique strengths for the property insurance industry.  It’s an awesome partnership – giving two great companies the ability to jointly serve, learn and innovate together.  The potential for what’s possible is amazing.”

Since the birth of its R&D department in 2013 Donan has researched and tested UAV technology and hardware, developed best practices, and consulted with carriers to assist them in better understanding how to utilize this new technology and gain a competitive advantage. Matt Kenney, Donan technical program manager, explained, “Our strategic partnership with DataWing is another step forward for the continuous innovation we are committed to. Not only will this allow Donan to scalably utilize UAVs on any of our forensic inspections nationwide, but this will also provide our customers with a single resource for UAV services for a wide range of applications regardless of location.”

Steven Fargo, President of DataWing, also spoke on the partnership, “We are absolutely thrilled to partner with Donan Engineering.  Donan is a proven leader in the insurance industry and DataWing is proud to work alongside them and add value to their clients through the use of UAV technology. This partnership is perfectly timed to take advantage of upcoming regulatory changes that we believe will allow widespread adoption of small UAVs in the insurance market.”

The FAA is set to release new regulations this summer which are expected to more easily permit the use of UAVs in typical property inspections.  Together, Donan and DataWing will have the ability to utilize a wide range of fixed wing and multi-rotor UAVs as well as various cameras and sensor payloads, enabling us to offer the best hardware  for each specific application. For customers wanting to operate UAVs themselves rather than outsourcing these services, Donan and DataWing will offer consulting and training services to assist them in setting up their own internal drone program.

Landon Phillips, Vice President of Operations with DataWing added, “We look forward to leveraging our national network of licensed, trained and insured UAV operators to meet the large volume demands for Donan and their associated clients.  From basic P&C claim work to underwriting, small UAVs are going to be an incredibly valuable asset for insurance providers from a cost and safety perspective. In the coming months we will be focused on continuing to grow our team of trusted operators across the country and around the globe.”

Donan is dedicated to finding innovative ways to meet the needs of clients while staying abreast of changing technologies.  By choosing Donan & DataWing for their UAV needs, clients gain access to a large network of FAA licensed pilots with specialized training and experience operating UAVs for property inspection applications.  All of our pilots are fully insured and backed by the Donan forensic engineering expertise and excellent customer support.

Here are just a few of the benefits of Donan’s reimagined UAV services:

  • Quick turnaround on a UAV inspection request anywhere in the country
  • Competitive pricing– REQUEST A QUOTE at www.donan.com/portal
  • Pilots can be scheduled to operate a UAV at multiple properties in a single day to significantly lower costs-per-claim
  • Only professional UAV operators who are FAA licensed pilots, fully insured and trained specifically on operating a UAV for property inspections
  • One stop shop for all aerial imagery needs, from underwriting and claims inspections to verification of repairs and catastrophe triage
  • Easily inspect unsafe areas
  • Receive the additional expertise and support of Donan’s tenured professional engineers and certified fire investigators

About Donan: Donan is a full-service, world class, forensic investigation firm with offices throughout the United States. Their services include forensic engineering, fire investigation, component testing, HVAC forensics and litigation support. Donan is a leader in developing innovative solutions, utilizing unmanned aerial and unmanned ground vehicles in forensic investigations. To learn more about Donan’s UAV services, visit: www.donan.com/uav

About DataWing:  Founded in October of 2015, DataWing is a professional, nationwide UAS service provider that specializes in monitoring assets, processing collected data, and providing compliance-based reporting capabilities for clients primarily in the insurance, energy, construction, and emergency response markets.  DataWing is led by Air Force fighter pilots who set the highest of flight safety and operational standards and ensure that all members of its exclusive, nation-wide network of approved UAS service providers meet the high level of quality that our clients demand.  DataWing is poised for large-scale nation-wide contracts and has the ability to standardize processes through efficient operational workflow management.

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