Airware looking for UAS Test engineer

Fly the latest software features, payloads, and aircraft in Airware’s Aerial Information Platform to ensure they can meet our enterprise customers’ high expectations for safety, reliability, and data quality.

Our customers rely on the Airware platform to provide aerial information safely and reliably, everyday. As a UAV Test Engineer you’ll work closely with all engineering teams to validate every new software feature or hardware component through real-world flight testing. In this role, you will be the first to fly the latest Airware systems and act as the last stage of quality assurance before those systems are handed off to customers.

Sample Projects

  • Develop and execute flight test plans for new software features sensors, or payloads that are part of the many applications for the Airware platform
  • Design stress tests, off-nominal cases, and physical test rigs that replicate particular scenarios and push the system beyond what a customer may encounter
  • Troubleshoot and debug any component of a drone solution in the office or in the field
  • Perform hands-on mechanical and electrical integration of new hardware components on the internal fleet of test vehicles for R&D

Ensuring Customer Success

  • Define and maintain our best practices for flight operations and flight testing as we shape the reliable operation of commercial drones
  • Participate in defining and validating customer workflows within the Airware platform
  • Coordinate cross-team efforts among Airware engineers to resolve issues found in flight tests
  • Drive collaboration with Airware product managers, business development, and customer support to incorporate customer feedback and feature requests into Airware’s product development cycle

Necessary Skills and Experience

  • Experience flight testing or operating small UAS and/or RC aircraft — a necessity
  • Experience using flight-planning and ground control station software
  • RC piloting experience with both fixed-wing and multi-rotor UAS and/or RC aircraft
  • Experience integrating, operating, and tuning autopilots on a variety of unmanned vehicles
  • Technical background and experience with:
    • UAV flight operations
    • Electrical systems integration
    • Basic electrical test equipment (multimeter, oscilloscope)
    • UAS sensors: accelerometers, gyros, GPS, magnetometers, pitot-static systems
  • Ability to work hands-on with electro-mechanical systems including assembly, disassembly, testing, troubleshooting
  • Passion for engineering excellence and making cool things fly!

Beneficial Skills and Experience

  • Private or commercial pilot license
  • Experience operating UAS for commercial applications
  • Experience designing and building UAS and/or RC aircraft
  • Technical background and experience with:
    • RF communications fundamentals
    • Robotics (mechanical, electrical, and control systems)
    • Embedded hardware
    • Programming languages and scripting for engineering uses (C++, C, MATLAB, Python)
  • Experience with software quality assurance (QA) testing and issue tracking tools
  • Leadership role within a dedicated UAS flight testing team

Typical Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering (Aerospace, Electrical, Mechanical, Systems) , Applied Physics, Computer Science, UAS Science, Unmanned Systems Applications, or Unmanned Systems Operations
  • 1-2 years of work experience

About Airware

Airware offers complete enterprise drone solutions that are built on the Aerial Information Platform, so that aerial data becomes an extension of a company’s existing data management systems. Airware’s comprehensive set of technology enables enterprises to plan, capture, and analyze aerial data, all within an enterprise workflow.  Based in San Francisco, Airware has built a cross-disciplinary team of experts in aerospace, robotics, geospatial, hardware, software, and cloud. Founded in 2011, Airware has raised more than $70 million to date from investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Next World Capital, First Round Capital, Google Ventures, GE Ventures, and Intel Capital.

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