Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Torquing Group avoid the long arm of the law for Zano Drone

Kickstarter drone darling Zano avoids prosecution.

The Torquing Group almost had their collar felt but Pembrokeshire council said there was “not enough evidence to justify a successful criminal prosecution”.

Huw George, cabinet member for environmental and regulatory services, speaking today :-

“Over the past six months we have carried out a thorough and exhaustive investigation into the Zano project.

“We have concluded that there is not enough evidence to justify a successful criminal prosecution on several grounds – including that there was insufficient proof that the drone was incapable of carrying out the functions advertised at the time of the launch.”


Gary Mortimer
Founder and Editor of sUAS News | Gary Mortimer has been a commercial balloon pilot for 25 years and also flies full-size helicopters. Prior to that, he made tea and coffee in air traffic control towers across the UK as a member of the Royal Air Force.