Aeromao: authorized dealer of Parrot Sequoia


Aeromao Inc is an authorized dealer of the new Parrot Sequoia multiespectral camera.  Available now for the Aeromapper series of UAS, and in dual configuration with a Sony 24Mp, so you get ultra high resolution RGB imagery along with four bands (Green, Red, Red edge, Near Infrared), plus 16mp RGB simultaneously.

This unique feature saves you tons of flying and processing time.

The dual camera configuration is available for the Aeromapper 300 and Aeromapper Talon.

The Aeromapper 300 is truly a unique machine in the UAV world, currently with NO MATCH in the market.
Its combination of features, affordability, ease of use and customer support makes it a one of a kind on the market.

Currently, the Aeromapper 300 is the only capable of:
– 1.5hr of endurance with 24 or 36 mp camera
– Fully autonomous navigation with five more flight modes available
– Parachute landing and easy to hand-launch. No launchers or bungees required!
– Dual RGB and NIR camera configurations and lots of customizable options, including the Micasense

RedEdge multiespectral camera and Flir

– Super strong carbon-kevlar modular construction with interchangeable parts and components. Save lots with  affordable spare parts
– Long range communications and automatic return to home failsafe
– Probably the easiest to use UAV of its class. Quickly get it airborne with its step by step manual and world class customer support available or learn to fly in one day with our optional flight training
– The most competitive pricing out there: thanks to our brilliant manufacturing team and our fabrication concepts and techniques we can price our drones at reasonable prices.

Coming soon: a cool new addition optional addition for the Aeromapper 300 will be announced very soon!

Our drones are flying now in close to 50 countries around the globe!

Aeromao Inc. enters now its fifth year with record sales and amazing things coming down the pipe.
This year we’ll be expanding our team and our operations, bringing new amazing products, a new website and much more.

We are very happy to have been sharing experiences and meeting people from all around the world, while turning customers as friends. This truly aligns with our core value of assisting and helping our customers with quality products and competent professional service.

We want to sincerely thank our customers and collaborators that have made all this possible. Looking forward to many more years of success and drone developments!