Thursday, October 21, 2021

EarthCam Merges Webcams and Drones to Create a New Geospatial Jobsite Model


Business and IT leaders in architecture, engineering and construction are in San Francisco to discuss the future of construction technology at ENR’s annual FutureTech Conference. EarthCam is using the platform to announce that it will be providing drone and aerial imagery services under the title, EarthCam Air. The newest offering combines its powerful webcam technology with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) services, cloud-based storage solutions and distribution tools for sharing the unique content.

EarthCam has a staff dedicated to the drone initiatives and plans to match licensed pilots with professional videographers and engineers. This special team ensures that the UAV is operated within regulations set forth by the FAA, while also capturing data-driven imagery for construction management and entertaining video content for sales and marketing teams.

“When UAVs are combined with webcams, a powerful geospatial model emerges,” said Brian Cury, CEO and Founder of EarthCam. “Throughout our own construction process, we have discovered that when combined with terrestrial webcams, photography documentation and 3D imaging, utilizing a point cloud derived from EarthCam Air’s UAV flight data, we can deliver a comprehensive analytical report with countless benefits.”

Today, Cury will speak about his own experiences with drone technology by incorporating UAVs to capture ongoing progress for EarthCam’s new 10-acre campus. Turning the headquarters into a research and development lab, EarthCam has been able to dive deeper into the technology by integrating its construction cameras and 3D geospatial modeling created by drone technology. Cury will detail his findings during the ENR FutureTech panel discussion entitled “The Next Trends with Drones”.

Many of EarthCam’s clients are already flying drones to document their construction projects and have come to realize the challenges of managing and sharing the staggering amounts of video and 3D data. EarthCam has made it possible for its clients to integrate the data and video footage derived from their UAVs with their Control Center 8 Software as a Service. Utilizing a point cloud derived from drone flight data, EarthCam has developed a geospatial mapping platform. Benefits include a digital framework to attached webcam images, geo-tagged photographs and video analytics of the project that users can build upon throughout the entire construction process. EarthCam has organized the data in a way that is accessible, manageable and shareable across all departments within an organization.

EarthCam has invited the public to track progress for its new headquarters with construction camera views of the entire process. Visitors can see what is happening on the site and can also get a greater understanding for how the webcam technology leader is using future technologies to monitor, document and promote the project. To learn more,