Who’s still afraid of Yuneec? Inspire 1 receives 35% discount.


Is the sun setting on the Inspire with its porky more than 2 kiloness? Or is Yuneec making a dent in sales??

The Inspire 1 has received a not to be sniffed at discount. A cool $1000 or two Phantom 3’s. Down from $3000.

This brings it closer in price to the Yuneec Typhoon H but of course still does not address its weight being above 2kgs.

Another option is that the 1 v2.0 version sell off might point to shelf clearing for a newer Inspire.

Perhaps most likely is that DJI is now turning the screws on the $2-2500 vendors of which there are many.

They are going to be horrified that a platform which is well supported by third party vendors with agricultural and GIS software is in their price band.

You have to had it to DJI they are making sure they are top of mind.

I wonder how the launch of that $610 machine is going, that’s also today.

Get your discounted Inspire here http://store.dji.com/category/inspire-series?site=brandsite&from=buy_now_series


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