Skyward Supports Commercial Operations Worldwide

Skyward Supports Commercial Operations Worldwide


Portland, Ore. May 12, 2016 ­ Managing a commercial drone operation just got easier, more efficient, and safer. Skyward, the leading drone operations management platform, recently expanded its drone airspace map to include global coverage and introduced a suite of new features for commercial operators. This release includes complete operational workflows, fast logging with DJI flight log imports, easy custom reporting, and more.

When it comes to commercial drones, two applications—videography and photography—tend to get all the press, thanks to stunning aerial images. But drones are being put to work in many other sectors: Companies such as DroneView Technologies, LIFT, and NQUAV are offering a wealth of services, from wind turbine inspections to stockpile volumetrics and precision agriculture.

Talon Aerolytics, a company that employs mostly veterans and uses drones to inspect cellular towers throughout the U.S., relies on Skyward to manage their drone program.

“From job planning to product delivery, Skyward provides the essential system we need to manage the Talon fleet,” said Eric Hare, Talon Aerolytics’ Chief Operating Officer. “This allows us to focus on inspecting 150,000+ vertical structures across the United States and deliver the end­to­end data solution our clients expect. Skyward allows us to manage our operations, drive efficiency, improve safety, and save money.”

Across the globe, companies that rely on drones are turning to Skyward to manage and grow their businesses. “We worked with Skyward in 2014 to become the first legal operator in the Cayman Islands,” said Adam Cockerill of AirVu. “Since then we have trained 10 drone pilots with an additional 9 in training and have won multiple contracts in Media, Insurance and

“At Skyward, we have one goal: to help our customers’ drone businesses succeed,” said Jonathan Evans, Skyward CEO.

“That’s what drives our operation management platform. We’re here to support the growth of the global commercial drone industry for the long haul, as these companies grow and their needs evolve.”

Commercial drone operators can start a free 30 day trial of Skyward at