LightWare’s laser rangefinders assist to save Outback Joe

LightWare’s laser rangefinders assist to save Outback Joe

The 10th annual UAV Challenge is by far the most challenging mission. Not only is Outback Joe on a remote location, but this year teams must retrieve and return a blood sample!

To assist in this daunting task, LightWare Optoelectronics, a Bronze Sponsor of the 2016 UAV Challenge, will supply free laser rangefinders to 20 teams successfully passing the Medical Express Deliverable 2 gate.

“The UAV Challenge plays a fundamental role in advancing UAV technologies.” Says James Portman, CEO of LightWare. “We want to ensure the participating teams have access to the best technology to enable them to succeed in this competition. Of course, there is the fun factor: what is more exciting than playing with a new high tech gadget?”

With over 30 years experience in laser sensor technology, LightWare has developed a range of lightweight laser rangefinder altimeters and collision avoidance sensors for drones. These laser rangefinders interface easily with flight controllers to assist with: AGL altitude maintenance; terrain following; precision hovering; and landing safety.

LightWare will provide qualifying teams with an option between the faster SF10/B (32Hz, 50m) or the longer range SF11/C (16Hz, 120m).

The SF11/C is LghtWare’s latest product release and has proved extremely successful. “The SF11/C’s adoption by the market has been phenomenal and we’ve had fantastic market feedback from users.” Says James Portman, CEO of LightWare. “We hope participating teams would benefit from this remarkable product in their quest to save Outback Joe.”

LightWare wishes all participating teams the best for this challenging event.