Incredible image acquisition by drone for the Freeride World Tour

Incredible image acquisition by drone for the Freeride World Tour


Located in Verbier, in Switzerland, “Le bec des rosses” is a famous summit to practice freeriding. With its +500 meters of vertical drop, the face is known as very technical and demanding by the best riders. Only the best of them will participate to the final stage of the “freeride world tour” located in Verbier. In this special occasion, Holistic Imaging through the RedBull Media, the live digital video service covering the freeride world tour, asked for a 3D mapping of the Bec des Rosses mountain.

Characteristics of the mission:

Two weeks before the big event, a Delair-Tech team was sent off to conduct the mapping of the face. The high level of difficulty for the riders of the Bec des Rosses was also a big challenge for our team.
With its +3,200 meters of altitude, and an average temperature of -7 °C during the flight, the Bec des Rosses mission wasn’t easy to make a drone flight. Moreover, the DT18 had to fly higher than the altitude of the Bec des Rosses to cover the entire area. Despite of the difficulty of the mission, it was nothing but a piece of cake for our DT18 UAV. Three flights during the afternoon were enough to make a success of the mission. With more than 5700 pictures collected the result is near perfection.

About Delair-Tech:

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