Industrial Aerobotics expands into survey and construction sector.

Industrial Aerobotics expands into survey and construction sector.


2015 was a very successful year for Industrial Aerobotics. As one of the first 50 FAA Section 333 approvals Industrial Aerobotics took an early lead in the energy sector vertical with one of the first approvals specializing on Solar and Electric Utility asset inspections. With custom built UAV’s capable of 60 minute flights including payload they are leading the pack in this arena. By utilizing the highest quality propulsion system coupled with a custom battery design they are able to stay in the air longer to allow more streamlined inspections and lower operating costs.

In 2015 Industrial Aerobotics inspected and reported on over 3 million solar panels, hundreds of miles of power lines and a multitude of Substations. Providing optical, thermal and 3D models it helped its clients to more quickly, cost effectively and safely integrate new data sets into their existing management systems as well as more proactively plan for system repairs and upgrades.

While serving primarily in a post-production inspection capacity until 2016, over the past year Industrial Aerobotics has had the opportunity to become more engaged in the planning and construction phases of utility sector projects. With these new opportunities, Industrial Aerobotics has been able to utilize its expertise gained in other facets of the utility industry to grow into this new market segment. Expanding its already impressive imaging and modeling capabilities into construction planning and estimating has allowed Industrial Aerobotics to assist major construction companies to adopt the growing aerial survey products the UAS industry is now capable of providing.

Currently Industrial Aerobotics is providing survey and construction monitoring progress updates to McCarthy Building Companies in the construction1 of a new Arizona Public Service (APS) 40MW solar site in Red Rock Arizona that will provide clean energy solely for use by Arizona State University (ASU) and PayPal. The site is in active construction and is planned to be completed and connected to the grid by the end of this year.

Industrial Aerobotics will be visiting the site during major phases of construction to capture, post produce and deliver broadcast quality content to be used by all 4 parties to communicate progress of the sites construction within their respective organizations and to the media. In addition to general progress updates Industrial Aerobotics will be providing live “drone-casts” when required to provide real-time streaming updates from the site for board meetings and special communication events. As approved, progress and updates can be viewed on the Industrial Aerobotics website or YouTubechannel2 for those interested in following the construction progress.

Industrial Aerobotics is excited to be able to expand its capabilities into the Survey and Cinematography industries and grow its already robust aerial capabilities. The Optical and Thermal inspection line of business will be unaffected in this expansion and our existing and prospective clients will continue to receive world class aerial inspection services.