Drone crashes through Cape Town 5th floor window

Drone crashes through Cape Town 5th floor window


Doing the rounds on social media here in South Africa. Racing driver and designer David Parel, who is signed for Kessel Ferrari had a bit of a surprise. He was sat on the fifth floor minding his own when he had a visitor.

“Sitting at my desk and a drone came crashing through my window and smashed me in the head,” he commented on Instagram.

“The owner of the drone was very apologetic!” said Perel

All of us make mistakes when flying RPA, this video perhaps underlines well why making them in wide open spaces is better than a city centre. Lets hope the operator has learnt his lesson. Quick thinking of David to grab the GoPro footage.

Since July 1st 2015 South Africa has enjoyed RPA rules. This flight in the CBD would break them in many ways!

To find out more about South Africa’s drone laws try here http://www.safedrone.co.za/

Am I the only person wondering if David used that quadcopter key (cmd) and it flew on in.

This Phantom 4 review that has garnered 1.7 million views on YouTube was also filmed in Cape Town recently.

Gary Mortimer

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