Independent Insurance agents and brokers can benefit from Transport Risk Management’s Unmanned Risk Management insurance programs


Unmanned Risk Management, a division of Transport Risk Management, Inc., is introducing a revolutionary line of Unmanned Aviation Insurance products, delivered via the Unmanned Risk submission suite system, which unlocks new options for consumers and insurance agents looking for a simplified, cost effective way to address unmanned aircraft risk. These programs will become part of Transport Risk’s direct writing authority allowing for single point instant submission-quote-bind-pay and policy issuance through the worlds largest insurers. Unmanned Risk is the largest unmanned aircraft insurance program, with $3.2 million in premium and three thousand policies.

Unmanned Risk’s new independent agent programs and submission suite system changes the way consumers and agents will view and procure unmanned aircraft insurance.  This product line directly responds to coverage gaps and time-consuming underwriting struggles that have affected both consumers and agents. The Unmanned Risk platform simplifies the processes for agents while offering consumers the most extensive unmanned aircraft insurance coverage options available.

The suite includes three core products:

UAVAssure™ | Insurance For UAS UAV Drone Operators

  • Insurance Coverage for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – UAV
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems – UAS
  • Civil Drone and RPAS

UASAssure™ | CGL and Products Insurance For Manufacturer and Service Providers

  • Liability for manufacturers products and work that they perform (Products and Completed Operations Liability)
  • Liability for distributors and the products they sell perform (Products and Completed Operations Liability)
  • Liability for repair & service facilities and work that they perform (Products and Completed Operations Liability)
  • Liability for training facilities and the instruction they provide (Products and Completed Operations Liability)

GeoAssure™ | Insurance For Geographically and Autonomously Controlled UAS

  • Insurance For Unmanned Aerial Systems Operating In Geographically Fenced Or Defined Areas

Future Program Offerings Will Include Transport Risk Management’s Revolutionary Dromatics ™ Usage Based Insurance Program (UBI):

Dromatics ™ | Pay Per Use Insurance For Unmanned Systems

Dromatics ™  is the world’s first true pay per use (PPU) insurance solution for unmanned systems.

Unmanned Risk Management is focused on delivering flexibility and personalization in all of our insurance product offerings – when and how customers want it.  This approach requires simplified, transparent and flexible products with dynamic pricing and payment capabilities.

Dromatics ™ pay per use (PPU) system allows us to tailor insurance to customers specific needs and usage patterns. PPU is a dynamic solution that provides UAS operators with the flexibility that their customers demand, the ability to accurately track and control costs and provides an unprecedented ability to scale their operations.

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