Friday, September 17, 2021


Our aerial robot flies like an airplane, but takes off and lands like a helicopter.

We provide you with aerial data to make better decisions and deliver small goods when you need them.

After extensive test missions with lead users this year, we will launch our product in 2017. The Wingtra 1 can carry a payload of 0.5kg over 60km and will become a standard tool to collect images from above. In agriculture, this data is used to make specific maps in order to predict yields and diseases. Thanks to the data analysis, farmers are able to reduce fertilizer usage by 30% and increase their harvest. In mining, precise spatial maps of mines can be made within hours instead of days, without workers being at risk.

Linear infrastructure like gas or oil pipelines can be monitored more frequently and at a lower cost to decrease the risk of leaks and environmental pollution. Today, this data is collected with fixed-wing systems that need large open spaces and typically a catapult for take-off. After they have overflown and mapped the area of interest, the real pain point is the landing. The landing field itself has to be up to 30m x 70m large, and needs to be flat and without rocks or vegetation other than low cut grass. With every landing, systems and sensors worth thousands of USD are at risk.

Trained staff has to set up the fixed wing and collect it after landing which makes fully automated operations impossible. To overcome these limitations, Wingtra has developed the next-generation aerial robot, which can take off vertically from any terrain or between houses. Once in air, the system transitions into forward flight, and flies as far as normal fixed-wing systems.

The Wingtra 1 can also hover in midflight for closer inspection. To ensure a safe and precise mission ending, the robot recognizes an optical tag and lands automatically. Hence, no pilot is needed. Wingtra is a spin-off from the Autonomous Systems Lab at ETH Zurich in Switzerland, the so-called Silicon Valley of Robotics.

We build aerial robots that help humans make better decisions based on cheap, yet comprehensive spatial data. Our system can be scaled up to carry larger payloads. Combining range and the ability to land everywhere, it is perfectly suited to move small goods around. In future, our technology will revolutionize how parcels are delivered. For more information, check our website

Product Specs Wingtra 1

Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL)

Fully Autonomous Range: 60km

Payload: 0.5kg Total

Weight: 4kg Span: 124cm

Speed: 0-100km/h Cruise Speed: 50km/h

Flight Time: 1h+ Flight stack based on PX4 Autopilot Pro