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Silent Falcon™ UAS Technologies Announces Asian Affiliate

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Silent Falcon™ UAS Technologies announces Exclusive Distributor for Asia Pacific Region, SFK UAS Co., Ltd., located in Seoul, South Korea.

The new affiliate is established to handle the numerous inquiries Silent Falcon™ UAS receives from the Asia Pacific region. SFK UAS Co., Ltd. is set up as the Exclusive Distributor to handle distribution and sales throughout Asia with special attention to the South Korean market.

“The partnership will greatly enhance the global reach of Silent Falcon™ as we are growing in an explosive space and need to capture the opportunities by building intimate relationships with the customers. SFK UAS Co., Ltd. will be able to provide much closer reach, communicate in native languages, and bridge the cultural differences for the customers in the Asia Pacific Region “, said Inbo Lee, Chief Strategy Officer, Silent Falcon™ UAS Technologies.

“We are truly fortunate to have SFK UAS Co., Ltd. as part of the Silent Falcon™ team. Having knowledgeable, experienced personnel on the ground in key global markets is an essential part of our business strategy. We look forward to working with SFK UAS Co., Ltd. to bring the Silent Falcon™ state of the art solar electric Unmanned Aircraft Systems to this critically important region and market”, John W. Brown, President & CEO.

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