Hirth Motors Launches New 4201 15hp UAV Engine

Hirth Motors Launches New 4201 15hp UAV Engine


Goebler-Hirthmotoren GmbH & Co. KG (Hirth Motors) have launched a new 15hp 4201 engine with advanced technology to create a new consumer off the shelf (COTS) propulsion system which meets the demanding requirements of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) market. The 4201 engine is an air-cooled, reed valve intake 2-stroke boxer engine with electronic fuel injection (EFI) and the following features: advanced closed loop fuel control to optimize performance, CAN bus or RS485 interface for easy communication with the UAV flight computer, shielded ECU/harness to protect against electromagnetic interferance (EMI), optional reduction drive to enable use of a larger propeller to increase thrust and optional lightweight 1kW starter/generator to provide remote start and air vehicle electrical power.

There are two fuel system alternatives for this engine to enable the engine to run on gasoline or heavy fuels such as Jet A, JP5 or JP8. Both fuel systems have automatic altitude and temperature compensation enabling reliable start and operation in a wide operating range. Temperature: -40 to +50 degree C (-40 to +122 degree F). Altitude: 0 – 6000m (0 – 20,000 ft.). The standard EFI system uses throttle body injection and runs on gasoline. Hirth has produced thousands of aircraft engines using this type of EFI system hardware. The heavy fuel engine can be upgraded to Hirth’s iPower fuel injection technology which uses compression wave injection to enable spark ignition of heavy fuels. This variant meets NATO’s one-fuel policy to eliminate gasoline for safety and logistics reasons.

Hirth has been producing engines since 1917 and their reputation for reliable lightweight 2-stroke engines in the sport aviation market has helped expand their UAV business over the years as the global demand for UAV engines increases. Hirth is currently flying on several high end global UAV platforms and has been advancing their engine technology to improve performance and reliability for the UAV market.

Hirth’s CEO, Siegfried Goebler, stated “The 4201 engine continues our expansion efforts to provide additional consumer off the shelf (COTS) engine solutions for global UAV customers. UAV manufacturers continue to ask us for existing engines and don’t have budgets for custom engine development programs. Hirth has been self-funding research and development efforts and are the leaders in providing off the shelf reliable lightweight UAV engine solutions in the power range from 8hp to 100hp to meet the global demand for this growing market.”