Drone found in New Middletown still unclaimed



A camera-equipped drone found in a New Middletown back yard remains unclaimed. Police say the drone was found in the yard of a home on Struthers Road.

“It landed in the back yard next to a dog but it didn’t cause any problems with the dog,” Sgt. Ken Goist of the New Middletown Police Department said.

The sergeant says even though this particular drone is rather light it is capable of causing injury.

“This one is plastic, but again a plastic propeller can still cause damage and if it’s traveling at a high rate of speed it could cause a serious injury,” said Goist.

The memory card from the drone camera was blank. Apparently it was not recording during the flight. The government says an estimated 400-thousand people found drones under their Christmas tree this year.

Chuck Allen says he sold more than 200 drones at his Hobby Time shop in the Truck World Mall.  Under a new government regulation drone owners have until February 19th to register any drone weighing more than half a pound.

“If you go on their web site it will tell you whether your drone needs registered or not. I don’t think the web site is quite up to date yet, there’s so many of these on the market now,” said Allen.

Owners must register their name and address. Then you are issued a sticker that you affix to your drone.  Registration is free for the first 30 days, then there will be a five dollar registration fee.

The New Middletown drone does not have any identification and police don’t know where it came from.

“We’re still looking into the make and model to try and find out some more information about the distance they can fly,” Sgt. Goist said.

Allen says if a light weight drone gets caught by the wind it could have come from as much as a mile away from where it landed.

New Middletown police say the owner can contact the police department by calling 330-542-2846