SmartC2 Releases CIO Guide for Building Drone Operations

SmartC2 Releases CIO Guide for Building Drone Operations


Washington, DC – SmartC2 has released this first of its kind whitepaper to support corporations that are adding drone capabilities into their existing business. Intended to frame the issues and multiple decision points involved, this guide, entitled “7 Key Considerations Before Taking your Drone Operation to the Sky,” helps executives define the questions that their organization needs to answer before acquiring or hiring UAS (unmanned aircraft systems) capabilities.

“It’s not as simple as buying a drone for a few hundred dollars and just using it for your business”, says Janet Ahlgren, Chief Operating Officer of SmartC2. “We are constantly being asked by corporations to help them think through the intricate process of safely integrating drones into their business infrastructure. This guide is one way we can help them mitigate risks, and implement safe, efficient and compliant drone operations.”

So many industries can benefit from adding drones to their business, but there’s a complex ecosystem of operational requirements, risk mitigation, and compliance strategies before you even consider the ROI. If you use a drone for any purpose typically related to profit or commercial use, the FAA considers you to be in the aviation business and therefore under their jurisdiction. That means compliance with FAA regulations, pilot qualifications, formal application to the FAA for authorization to fly, and all sorts of accountability reporting for your unmanned aircraft is required.

It’s important to help executives ask the right questions and think through their own goals and obstacles before building drone operations or outsourcing to a service provider. According to Stuart Rudolph, President of SmartC2, “once they realize everything that’s involved, executives more clearly understand why they need a software infrastructure like VirtualAirBoss to simplify the multiple aspects of implementing drones for their business.”

There is no charge to download this whitepaper on the VirtualAirBoss website: (

About SmartC2 Inc. SmartC2 is a woman-owned US business offering the VirtualAirBoss™ (VAB), an easy to use, browserbased solution to help corporations and commercial aviation business owners manage drone operations from end to end. VirtualAirBoss infrastructure software provides one place where aviation operators can schedule, manage and report on their entire business process – aircraft, crews, customers, payloads, certifications, analysis and invoicing. Commercial operations use VirtualAirBoss to manage inspection, surveillance and mapping. Manufacturers use VirtualAirBoss for supply chain management, performance, warranty and repair tracking. End users easily schedule flights, retrieve data, create reports or invoices, and safely share information within a trusted network.