Measure and Robotic Skies team up


WASHINGTON, DC – As part of its effort to provide businesses with turnkey drone solutions, Measure, the nation’s leading operator of drones, has partnered with Robotic Skies, the leader in maintenance services for commercial unmanned aerial systems (UAS). In partnership with Robotic Skies, Measure will provide companies worldwide with a combined package of services through the Drone as a Service

“Measure allows companies to take advantage of the opportunities drones provide,” said Measure CEO Brandon Torres Declet. “Our partnership with Robotic Skies allows us to deliver best-in-class data collection services.  Measure will continue to find innovative ways for companies to incorporate data collected via drones into business operations that reduce cost and increase productivity.”

“We are excited to partner with Measure to provide turnkey operations and maintenance solutions to our fleet customers,” said Robotic Skies President and CEO Brad Hayden. “Our companies’ collaboration will make it even easier for enterprise and public-use organizations to implement UAS based services.”

About Measure

Measure is the world’s leading Drone as a Service company with Federal Aviation Administration approval to fly more than 200 different types of drones for a broad range of commercial applications. We provide turnkey solutions to acquire, process, and deliver cost-effective, actionable aerial data to enterprise customers. We don’t make drones. We make drones work. About Robotic Skies

Robotic Skies is a network of over 100 service centers around the world providing completion, maintenance, and repair for the emerging commercial unmanned aircraft fleet. Robotic Skies also provides integration, flight tests, compliance consulting, and warranty plan management. The FAA requires applicants for civil UAS operational approvals address continuing airworthiness procedures. Robotic Skies leverages best practices gleaned from decades of maintaining manned aviation fleets to offer field service programs designed to keep UAS flying safely and affordably.

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