Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Surrey and Sussex Police: Ready for Take Off


Thirty eight Police Officers from Surrey and Sussex Police Forces have successfully completed their Remote Pilot Certificate Advanced (RPCA) training with UK drone training provider Rheinmetall Unmanned Systems Training Academy (RUSTA).

The RPCA training course, which was specifically designed for the Emergency Services, involved the officers completing three days of classroom theory and three days of practical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) training at the Home Office Centre for Applied Science and Technology (CAST) in West Sussex.

The practical element of the course saw mission specific tasks carried out using RUSTA’s all weather (rain-resistant) vehicles, alongside Phantom 3 Professional UAVs. The tasks involved officers performing basic missing persons (MISPERS) and public order aerial operations, such as riot control missions with a simulated crowd environment.

Training began in mid-November with the group split into two syndicates. Each course ran over six days with one day in reserve for remedial or extreme weather conditions. The officers that took part in the training were from a variety of units including Forensic Investigation, Firearms, Gatwick Airport Police Community Safety and Police Logistics.

“The RPCA training with Surrey and Sussex Police was a complete success,” explained Sion Roberts, Head of the Academy. “The candidates applied themselves 100 percent on every aspect of the course and I believe they really enjoyed our approach to learning. The flying side was challenging however it was great to see them operate to a high standard on their final check rides.”

The Surrey and Sussex Police Forces were awarded funding by the Home Office earlier in the year to expand a trial to see how the use of UAVs can help to keep people safe and investigate crime.

Completion of the course saw each officer receive their Permission For Aerial Work (PFAW) from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and their RUSTA Remote Pilot Certificate and wings.

What the RPCA course offers:

 6-7 day course with theory exam and flight test

 Combines both theory and practical (hands-on) UAV training

 Tasks and training are in line with Emergency Services requirements

 Candidates will qualify for Permission For Aerial Work (PFAW) from the CAA

 Examination procedures conducted to the EASA 147 (CAA Aircraft Engineer) standards

 All weather (rain-resistant) flying capability

 Candidates gain their RUSTA Remote Pilot Certificate and wings

If you would like to know more about the RPCA course, please visit our RPCA page or contact us