Two thousandth 333 FAA exemption lifts off.

Two thousandth 333 FAA exemption lifts off.



Well done to Top Flight Digital Media, they are the 2000th commercial drone operation in the USA.

According to founder Shaun Capps, from their site,

“What started as a hobby, quickly became a passion. After gaining over 800 hours flying multi-rotors, I decided to take it to the next level. So, in February of 2015 Top Flight Digital Media was born.”sUASNews 333s Sept 2014 - Sept 2015

In theory this means that 2000 or more PPL / sport pilots licence holders might be using their hard won skills for cash!

Even though the FAA list currently has 2213 entries here the extras are amendments.

We are not long past the one year anniversary of the adoption of the 333 process by the FAA. There were 1729 individual 333’s at the end of September so another 271 were added in about six weeks.

If you have a 333 make sure your details are correct on our map below, any changes email to All new entries up until the end of this month will be getting a mention in our first yearbook which will be FOC and published in January 2016. So best make sure what we have is right. If you want your company to stand out, ask Tiaan how to get featured.

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