Hexo+ Brings the World’s First Autonomous Drone to US and Global Markets


Squadrone System is proud to ship the first autonomous drone to the US market and abroad—HEXO+. Blending simplicity
with the ability to create unrivalled aerial imagery, HEXO+ flies itself. This flight system can take off, follow and frame its user while filming with predetermined camera movements, and safely land. These processes are entirely automated and simply initiated with the HEXO+ smartphone application.

This allows users to capture the moment handsfree, as no bulky remote control is needed.

With its crisp aerial tracking and smooth cinematography, HEXO+ enables both novice and advanced users to unleash their creative potential. To guarantee constant framing and image stability, HEXO+ combines a fast and responsive flight system with proprietary framing and tracking algorithms. The built in library of cinematic camera movements—developed with motion picture experts—enables users of any skill level to create compelling, professional grade imagery using HEXO+ and a GoPro camera.

HEXO+ is also the first autonomous drone with complete certifications from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Conformité Européenne (CE) and Industry Canada (IC).

“This is an entirely new way of capturing amazing aerial imagery,” says Antoine Level, cofounder and CEO of HEXO+. “We are incredibly proud to bring together our experience in aeronautics technology and software development to create a simple, easy to useproduct.”

As part of its appeal, HEXO+ enables users to focus on their activities while it focuses on the filming. “HEXO+ was built with outdoor adventurers in mind, allowing them to live in the moment and not behind a lens,” says professional snowboarder and HEXO+ cofounder Xavier de Le Rue.

“It enables you to capture incredible footage of yourself—by yourself. As a snowboarder,this gives me unprecedented freedom to create and share footage without the expense and constraints of helicopters and a film crew.”

Key product features include:
● No remote control needed—control HEXO+ with just your smartphone and the HEXO+
app, which is available for Apple iOS 9 and Android 4.4 and above
● Compatible with most GoPro camera models
● Predictive tracking algorithms anticipate your next move
● Operating altitude of up to 16,000 feet
● Maximum speed of 45 mph
● 6propeller
design for added stability and power
● Quick and easy battery swap
● Library of 12 preprogrammed
camera movements, easily adjusted and finetuned.

HEXO+ is currently available to purchase on www.hexoplus.com for $1,349.00.

About HEXO+:

The HEXO+ drone and its companion app use fully autonomous flight to create unrivalled imagery. In 2014, its seven cofounders began leveraging their backgrounds in aeronautics, cinematography, software development and action sports to translate their vision for HEXO+ into a reality.

After launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund HEXO+ in June 2014, the team reached its funding target of $50,000 in just 37 minutes. The campaign ultimately raised $1,306,921 from more than 2,000 backers. HEXO+ is now available in the United States and abroad.

For more information, visit HEXO+ online: www.hexoplus.com/