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EHang Launches Ghost 2.0 Drone with VR Goggles

EHang Ghost 2.0 Drone (PRNewsFoto/Guangzhou EHang Intelligent Tech)

Leading unmanned aerial vehicle manufacturer EHang announced Wednesday the newest version of its popular Ghost 2.0 drone, which comes with virtual reality goggles.

The drone will be available through the company’s website, Amazon, Fry’s and Hobbico electronics stores.

Ghost 2.0 also packs several new features. A proprietary tilt-control system will allow users to steer the machine by way of a mobile phone app which is compatible with Apple and Android devices. Additionally, the drone now ships with virtual reality goggles that allow users to view the onboard camera’s video feed in real time, simulating a “cockpit” feel. The goggles come with head tracking that allows the drone’s camera to follow a user’s head movements.

A yearlong warranty also accompanies the new product, as does a seamless filming feature that allows a single user to manage both filming and aviation tasks from the same device.

The first 100 purchasers of the drone will be offered a $100 discount. Additionally, current users of previous Ghost drones will be able to trade them for the newer model.

EHang co-founder Derrick Xiong said the new version of the Ghost drone allows even amateurs to “master advanced aerial filming techniques,” thanks to intuitive system that “makes it possible for one person to act as both pilot and cameraman.”

EHang is a Chinese company with headquarters in California and the Chinese cities of Beijing and Guangzhou. The company says people in 70 countries use its products.

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