Design Your Own Brand Name Parachute Systems for Drones

Design Your Own Brand Name Parachute Systems for Drones


Is your company interested in designing, marketing, and selling your very own brand name parachute recovery system for Unmanned Vehicles? Parachute systems are going to start becoming a must have in the commercial drone industry/market. At CAD Drones LLC we’ve decided to focus on being the industry leader in OEM for anyone looking to enter the “Parachute Recovery Market” for Drones.

Using our parachute products you can design your own custom mounts, deployment setups, software, etc. At that point you will have an “end product” that you can brand/name, market, sell, and much more! We’ve given anyone or any company an easy opportunity to enter the next big upcoming market in the UAV/UAS Industry. The only way we can succeed is if our OEMs are successful. You can work on your parachute recovery system in secret or collaborate with us and others for help achieving success.

It won’t be long before parachute recovery systems are recommend for all Unmanned Aircraft of significant weight. Allowing OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) the ability to easily enter the parachute recovery market for drones is our goal. We want to see 100s if not 1000s of different companies using our products to create complete parachute systems for brand name or custom UAVs. If we make it easier for people and companies to enter the “Parachute Recovery Market” for Drones we’ve accomplished our goal.

CAD Drones LLC has successfully laid the cornerstone for anyone interested in the emerging “Parachute Recovery Market” for Drones. We’re now being flooded with requests from companies interested in the OEM opportunities because of this. That’s why we ask that only people and/or companies that are “extremely interested” contact us right now. Once we are able to expand our team we will be able to answer questions from those who are less interested.

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