Drone to fly over US Open golf tournament


Drew Mikkelsen, KING 5 News

Chambers Bay, Wash. – Tiger Woods described Chambers Bay as “different.”

Viewers watching the US Open at Chambers Bay will have a different perspective of the tournament.

For the first time, the Federal Aviation Administration granted a television network permission to use a camera mounted on an aerial drone for television coverage.

Fox Sports also got clearance from the City of University Place, the Tacoma Narrows Airport and Pierce County.

“Golf is really one of the best sports to use a drone,” said Brad Cheney, Director of Golf Operations for Fox Sports.

Cheney said the drone will never fly higher than 200 feet and only production crew members are allowed within 500 feet of the drone when airborne.

The aircraft is shooting video above all of the holes on the course this week.

Once golfers and fans arrive for the tournament, the drone is only allowed to fly over the Puget Sound.

Fox will have live coverage of play on holes 16 and 17, which line the Sound.