Puppy delivery by drone


Ok I have a new favorite drone parody. The campaign launched by A puppy is not a product  seeks to highlight the almost exponential growth of puppy mills. An animal welfare issue being helped along ironically by online buying. The very market seeking to use drones.

So what else does the video make me think, will it always be sunny in drone delivery land? How will we know that cargo being flown over our heads is safe and secure. Why do I really need a thing that quick does it not point to a lack of planning in my life?

Drone deliveries will come, but one DVD one client at a time is not a sensible place to start as I have mentioned before.

what is a puppy mill?

It is man’s best friend’s, worst nightmare. Puppy mills are factory-like facilities that “produce” puppies as if they were products. Puppy mill operators are irresponsible breeders with no regard for the welfare of their animals. All they care about is profit. They know cute sells. They keep the mother dogs locked in cages for their entire lives, used only to produce litter after litter of puppies to supply online and retail pet stores.

Puppy mills are located all over the United States and operated by irresponsible breeders. They will do whatever it takes to make sure their puppies end up in your homes (once you pay for them of course).