Itchimi-Asia Now Distributing VirtualAirBoss for UAV-Asset and Flight Management in Singapore

Itchimi-Asia Now Distributing VirtualAirBoss for UAV-Asset and Flight Management in Singapore


Grand Forks, ND, USA – SmartC2 Inc. announces a new VirtualAirBoss™ distribution agreement with Itchimi-Asia, a Singapore-based distributor of the MultiRotor Service-Drone, a German-engineered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) used for multiple industrial purposes. Itchimi-Asia will distribute the VirtualAirBoss to its customers who urgently need an integrated software platform to manage the massive amount of images and data they generate from their drone operations. These customers fly UAV for inspection and surveillance operations in petrochemical, film/TV, and precision agriculture, or for other purposes in diverse industries.

According to Philip von Meyenburg, Managing Partner of Itchimi-Asia, “Our customers understand the value of using an integrated UAV-asset and flight management system that can manage flight permits, clients, scheduling, flight safety, payload data, reporting and emergency response, all in one place. These customers are revolutionizing maintenance and inspection processes, making them safer, more effective, and significantly reducing costs and downtime. VirtualAirBoss is exactly the type of platform they need for bringing together and managing their business information. We will be looking forward to further integrating VirtualAirBoss into the regional regulatory framework and working with local civil aviation authorities to stream-line the flight application process for our customers.”

According to Stuart Rudolph, President and CEO of SmartC2 Inc., “UAVs are already drastically changing the way companies do business, especially dirty, dangerous, dull or distant operations. Energy and power companies, and precision agriculture are among the first to take advantage of the operational data management that VirtualAirBoss provides for drone-acquired inspections and survey data. Increasingly miniaturized cameras and sensors will continue to open new markets for all sorts of remote-controlled vehicles to increase safety and compliance. Itchimi-Asia is ahead of the curve in opening industrial markets to new methods of reducing risk and costs for dangerous jobs.”

About Itchimi-Asia

Itchimi-Asia is located in Singapore as a Southeast Asia hub focused on distributing the 4th generation MultiRotor Service-drone that is redefining UAV flight. Itchimi-Asia offers several classes of ready to fly commercial UAV solutions for security, survey/inspection, agriculture, petrochemical, and cargo inspections. The German-engineered and manufactured UAV flight controller and assembly provide state-of-the-art redundancy and flight-stability, with flight times of up to 90 minutes, making MultiRotor Service-drone highly reliable and effective at meeting the demanding needs of these commercial ventures. +65 315 83 730

About SmartC2 Inc.

SmartC2 is a North Dakota US business offering the VirtualAirBoss™ (VAB), an easy to use, browser-based solution to help commercial aviation business owners manage business operations from end to end. VirtualAirBoss software provides one place where operators can schedule, manage and report on their entire business process – crews, customers, payloads, certifications, analysis and invoicing. Commercial operations use VirtualAirBoss to manage surveillance, inspection, transportation, and equipment testing flights, including capture, storage and analysis of the imagery captured by sensors and cameras. Easily schedule flights, retrieve your data, create reports or invoices, and safely share information within your trusted network. +1-701-864 2166.