Aetos Group Readies Itself for the Petrochemical, Oil and Gas Industry

Aetos Group Readies Itself for the Petrochemical, Oil and Gas Industry


Aetos Group, Inc. has been awarded a FAA Section 333 Exemption for UAS inspection use in the petrochemical and oil and gas industry, and has already received its first civil Certificate of Authorization (COA) to begin operations. Aetos Group has been working with leaders in this industry for the past few years to best understand technology needs and safe flying practices.

Aetos Group has assembled a unique blend of people from all across the industry, from commercially rated pilots, to professional UAS operators, to inspection experts to offer the best overall solution to the customer. “We are not just an aerial photography company but a total unmanned inspection solution”; says Bill Donberg President of Aetos Group. “We have assembled a group of experts that allows us to meet the needs of our customers and be the future of how inspections are accomplished. It is our mission to drive this industry forward and lead the way in safety and capability.”

Aetos Group has spent the last few years working with leaders in the petrochemical, oil and gas industry to understand the requirements for utilizing UAS for inspections. Sensor and camera requirements were researched along with aircraft capabilities for different flight environments. Along with technical research, Aetos Group was involved with developing risk assessments and Failure Mode and Effects Analysis protocols for the safe operation of UAS in harsh environments. “We need to do this safely and competently”; says Donberg. “We are operating in refinery type environments were accidents and mishaps are not acceptable, we want to be a leader in safety as well as UAS technology.”

Tony Sauerbrey, Vice President of Technology says; “One of our strengths is we are a problem solver. We don’t just use one piece of technology but rather are always looking for the best and newest ways to meet our customer’s needs. If it doesn’t exist we can make it happen.” One example of this is their new Internal Aerial Inspection System. This is a UAS that was specifically developed to do inspections inside of a vessel, tank, or structure. “Not every flight we do is outdoors”; says Sauerbrey. “Customers often times have a need to inspect elevated areas indoors as well as out. So we developed this technology with our partners to provide a solution.”

The other unique feature of Aetos Group is they are not just a UAS company. They also utilize ground robotics and ROV submersibles as part of their inspection package to help eliminate sending people into confined spaces. These areas can be dangerous and require significant down time due to permitting and coordination of safety personnel. Through the use of all types of Unmanned Systems accessing almost any area is now within reach.

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