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FusionFlight LLC is a Research and Development, Technology Integration company. The goal of FusionFlight LLC is to integrate state-of-art technologies to produce beyond-state-of-art vehicles and systems.

Our primary focus is to develop the AirBooster Technology. To do so, we have already constructed our first single jet-engine scaled prototype known as AB-1. Currently, we are in the process of testing it’s successor, AB1.1, which is a lighter vehicle. Also, in-development is the AB-4 “JetQuad”, the four jet-engine powered AirBooster. The AB-4 represents a critical technological step towards developing the AB-400 vehicle. The AB-400 is powered by F100-PW-229 engines and is the expected “work-horse” of the company, capable of boosting a variety of launch vehicles and missiles.

At FusionFlight LLC, we understand that the success of the AirBooster vehicle largely relies on the performance of the air-breathing engines upon which it relies. As a result, the secondary objective of the company is to continue R&D efforts in developing next-generation air-breathing propulsion. Some of these propulsion concepts such as the Pulsejet and Hybrid Ramjet push the frontiers of existing technologies while others, such as Liquid-Oxygen fueled jet-engines push towards beyond-earth applications.

At its foundation, FusionFlight LLC has been established to facilitate the spread of human civilization across the solar system. The third focus of the company is to provide innovative solutions in Space Mining Technologies with particular interest in Helium-3 extraction from the moon and gas-giants. This third focus leads into the final interest of the company which is Fusion Energy and it’s application to Transportation within and outside of the Solar System.