Sensilize, deeper insight into your crops


Sensilize offers a Spatial Support Decision System that provides updated agronomic information using imagery, servicing the utility and agribusiness industries. We have developed a fully integrated solution whose heart is the “Robin”, Sensilize’s proprietary unique sensor that can transform most UAS platforms into vegetation application aerial driven systems. It is compact, very light, and very sensitive. It is the only sensor available in the market today that has eight bands allowing for the use of smart algorithms and analysis. Moreover, Sensilize has also developed a managing software and smart remote sensing analysis interface. It is the cutting edge solution in the market today for collecting and analyzing data, and making correct decisions. This uniqueness relies on our approach that also takes into account the flight operator and the user, and that deals with data collection and data processing and management.

Some highlighted features are:

  • High spatial resolution 10cm at 100m height above ground level.
  • Seven narrow bands covering the visible-Near Infra Red regions, enables application of most vegetation indexes; two red edge bands.
  • A RGB camera.
  • Calibrated Sensor, radiometrically calibrated and also including a sun sensor that measures irradiance that allows measuring real reflectance.
  • Flexibility – weight (about 500 grams) size (L21.5cm, W7.6cm H7.8cm). Can be mounted on most platforms.

Availability is from Q2/2015. Sensilize does not sell solely the sensor; we offer a package that includes the sensor, management and processing software, and maintenance.

We are currently in a process of integrating the sensor on various platforms with close to 10 manufacturers around the globe (Europe, Israel, S. America, N. America). Once we have accomplished this we will be in a position to offer our system with these platforms.

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