$10K in drones stolen in Las Vegas break-in


by Craig Huber


Las Vegas Metro police are investigating a burglary at the largest drone store in Las Vegas. Early Thursday morning, a thief or thieves made off with $10,000 worth of drones.

It wasn’t an easy crime to pull off. Someone diligently broke through a heavily fortified plate glass window to get to the flying machines at Drones Plus on Decatur Boulevard.

“They’re extremely popular, they’re extremely great and they’re fun,” Drones Plus co-owner Mike Thorpe said.

Drones are hot items, and Thorpe is down eight following Thursday’s burglary.

“They’re very dedicated thieves if they want to get through that effort to get our drones. That really tells you how big and in-demand drones are right now,” Thorpe said

Thorpe said the store’s alarm system failed to activate. That was also the case when thieves stole some of Thorpe’s drones from an off-site warehouse a month ago.

“It’s a lot of anxiety and pain and sweat and tears to put together a small business, and when a criminal comes in with a vehicle, a truck and smashes in to steal some drones, it really opens your eyes to the world and how desperate people are to steal,” Thorpe said.

Fortunately, surveillance video captured the burglary and someone was cut breaking into the store. Blood remains at the scene.

“He will be caught. I’m pretty confident in that because of all the information I have,” Thorpe said.
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