Weird Al sings about drone heliquads at Radioshack


by Bonnie Burton

It’s the holiday season again which means trimming the tree, decking the halls, carolling and, of course, shopping for gifts. To help with that last one, Radioshack hired geeky singer Weird Al Yankovic to sing all about the gadgets, robots and RC flying machines perfect for gift giving.

Wearing a jacket and bow tie, Weird Al channels his inner Leslie Zevo from the 1992 movie “Toys” as he gives a shopper a musical tour of Radioshack’s Toyland after she asks in an uncertain tone about heliquads.

While it might be hard to imagine popular singers like Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus working at Radioshack, Weird Al seems to fit right in at the electronics store. He even has his own raptor glove for a blinking parrot drone to land on.

Considering his latest album had songs about everything from taking selflies at funerals to hiding from aliens and the Illuminati, it makes sense that Weird Al would be the guy to ask which RC toy or robot to buy for the holidays.