E-GO and Blue Bear work on unmanned aircraft


Plans to provide an unmanned version of e-Go aeroplanes’ microlight aircraft has been launched through a new partnership between the Cambridge company and Bedford UK neighbour Blue Bear Systems Research.

The pilot-free option would meet growing market demand in new areas of business for e-Go – including delivery of goods and military surveillance uses. DHL is already running a trial with unmanned aircraft to deliver parcels in remote territories.

e-Go and Blue Bear will collaborate as partners in the research, testing, support and training for the e-Go platform as an optionally piloted system (OPA), which would be based on the e-Go Single Seat Deregulated (SSDR) aircraft. It would have Blue Bear’s equipment embedded to facilitate unmanned operations.

e-Go aeroplanes’ CEO Adrian Hillcoat said: “Blue Bear and e-Go bring together a compelling mixture of research and development, operating experience, design, manufacture and innovation.

“The result will be a significantly lower cost platform than previously available for this important market.”

The companies also plan to work together to provide a suitable datalink and full motion video system to aid and enhance training for e-GO customers.

Dr Yoge Patel, CEO of Blue Bear said: “Following extensive talks with e-Go I’m delighted that we have now have established an MOU. The e-Go is a remarkable aeroplane at the cutting edge of aircraft design, which we believe has huge potential as an OPA.

“We very much look forward to working with Adrian and his team and using our combined expertise to create a truly unique product.”

Operating to the north of the Cambridge technology cluster, e-Go aeroplanes is creating the striking, new, very lightweight e-Go aircraft. It will cost dramatically less to fly than traditional aircraft and is a product for discerning pilots who relish new experiences.

It uses novel technologies for performance yet achieves a low cost of development and operation by exploiting the newly deregulated environment in the UK.

Interest in the product is high and the first deposits for aircraft that will be delivered in 2015 have been received.

Blue Bear Systems operates in support of military and civil markets worldwide.