Investigation launched after drone full of drugs touched down at Dublin prison


Michelle Hennessy

GARDAÍ ARE INVESTIGATING an incident at Wheatfield Prison yesterday morning in which a helicopter drone full of drugs crashed into the prison.

The incident was first reported by Mick McCaffrey in the Sunday World. The newspaper reports that prisoners ran towards the drone and one of them was seen swallowing some of the packages contained in it.

It is expected the man will be charged with possession of illegal drugs but it is unknown where the drone was being controlled from or who was flying it.

A garda spokesperson confirmed today that there had been an incident at the Dublin prison at 11am yesterday morning.

They said they were “handed a device by prison service staff and are investigating the incident”.

This is the first time in Ireland a drone like this has been caught smuggling drugs into a prison. In March this year, criminals attempted to fly a similar drone laden with drugs into a prison in Melbourne, Australia. It was spotted hovering near the walls and a man was later arrested over it.