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DJI Phantom crashes at Grand Canyon:- watch the video….


The absence of training and instruction matter for consumer unmanned aircraft operators is almost daily coming to the fore. There are also other forms of training that might be handy. If Christopher Laxamana had attended a first aid course he might have learnt one of two mnemonics. Either one works

H: Hazards
A: Airway
B: Breathing
C: Circulation

D: Danger
R: Response
A: Airway,
B: Breathing
C: Circulation/Compressions/Call an ambulance

You should not endanger yourself or others when considering first aid actions, that’s the H or D depending on which card you use.

In my opinion Christopher should have fessed up to his actions with the park authorities and they might have sent somebody roped up and suitably equipped to recover the Phantom from the tree.

It’s a great video, well made and interesting. Christopher, it’s not worth endangering the lives of others that might be involved in the recovery of an injured person in a compromised position or worse still a body.

Be careful out there people, your systems are just stuff. If you look through the video comments another YouTube user had the same experience at the Grand Canyon and his Phantom was stolen before he could get it recovered by a climber. Perhaps DJI should extend their no fly zones to include national parks.

I know this post will alienate a chunk of the sUAS News audience and I will seem like the biggest curmudgeon around. I just imagine one of my son’s doing something like this and it sends shivers down my spine.

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