Montana GOP candidate shoots at government drone in ad


A Republican congressional candidate is expressing his displeasure with government spying and the use of drones — with a rifle.

Matt Rosendale, who is running for Montana’s lone House seat, is out with a campaign ad in which he appears to be in the cross hairs of a drone. “This is how I’d look from a government drone,”  Rosendale says, “and this is what I think about it.”

He takes aim with his rifle and then: Boom! “Signal lost,” says the words on the drone’s camera.

“The federal government is too big and too powerful,” Rosendale says in the commercial running statewide in Montana. “More taxes and regulations put Montana families out of work. Spying on our citizens: that’s just wrong.”

Rosendale, a state senator, is one of five Republican candidates seeking to replace GOP Rep. Steve Daines, who is running for the U.S. Senate. The House GOP campaign committee has Rosendale, Elsie Arntzen, Corey Stapleton and Ryan Zinke in its  “Young Guns” program, which supports and mentors GOP candidates.

Rosendale’s ad follows another featuring a firing gun by Republican candidate Will Brooke in Alabama, who used a pistol, rifle and AR-15 to shoot at a copy of the Affordable Care Act.