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Florida UAV Announces Availability of Most Significant Sky Hero Spyder in the Market


Florida UAV announces availability of the most significant and exclusively build sky hero spyder in the market. With this amazingly resourceful sky hero, one can definitely have an 18 min+ flight time with only single 5000mAh battery. Additionally, it has an ideal maximum payload that includes Li-Po of 2.2 kg. Their pledge is to provide an impeccable customer service and friendliest advice on all of their products available.

The company is an exception in the UAV industry with the most experienced team of R/C users, who have each dealt with contented customer service. Among few renowned UAV companies, Florida UAV is able to withstand successfully and brings advanced products such as ZenmuseH3-2D, in order to meet the technological demands. One must agree to this fact that Zenmuse is another revolution in gimbal invention. The most likeable feature is that it is compatible with the DJI flight control system.

Furthermore, they offer a wide range of Lilliput monitors with 1280×800 resolutions and are accessible with all the latest technologies, which surely help to diminish the blue screen problem within 100 to 2000 meters wireless distance during weak signals. Also, a spokesperson from FloridaUAV elaborates, “We build these monitors with an optional high capacity, rechargeable Li-ion battery that makes power cables free and are sunlight readable with an ultra-bright & definition screen feature. You will be surely amazed by its small size and light weight, which makes it durable while you use.”

One can find a huge stock of technologically advanced products at FloridaUAV and some of them are DJI Phantom 2, Quadcopter, DJI Vision, DJI S1000, Drones, DJI S800, and many others.

About Florida UAV

Florida UAV was founded by Damon Young, who has been building and flying all types of R/C aircraft since the early 80’s. With 20 years of government and private experience, Damon fully appreciates the opportunities that lie ahead with the safe and responsible use of UAV technology. While FloridaUAV is an online retailer, their goal is to create a website that one can use as their primary source of information. Most importantly, FloridaUAV will show where to find the most up to date safety information and updates on the laws regulating UAVs.

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