MULTIROTOR service-drone now in North America

service-drone g4 4.8 cargo drone

Boulder, Colorado –  MULTIROTOR opens its first location outside of Europe in  Boulder. ”This step was absolutely necessary to optimize our innovative products for the US market and to provide our customers, dealers, and partners with the same outstanding service onsite as we are known for in Europe”, declares Oliver Knittel, CEO of GmbH, Germany.

Dr. Bernd Lutz, CEO of newly founded MULTIROTOR USA, LLC clearly sees that “we now bring the most innovative, modern, safe, robust and versatile generation of multi-rotor aircrafts ‘Made in Germany’ to the American market that already are proven in tough commercial  applications all over Europe and beyond”.

Dr. Lutz sees an exploding market in the near future similar to the Internet in its early-adopter stage some 15 years ago. Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) will become part of comprehensive, integrated systems that we can barely imagine today with logistics, precision agriculture, and public & industrial safety being just a few of the many starting points. “Those are the kinds of solutions we are excited to deliver in ever-increasing sophistication through our network of dealers and partners“, says Lutz.

The recent PR stunt by Jeff Bezos to deliver Amazon orders by multi-copter is already more than just a vision. service-drone’s advanced MULTIROTOR copter today carries a package of 10 lbs, which it autonomously approaches, grabs, and then flies to a destination identified from a bar code. This makes for an ideal application within a corporate, public or academic campus, or for emergency medical aid relief in disaster areas. Future advances in battery technology and autonomous flight regulations ever increase the application potential in yet unforeseen ways.

The near-term goal of service-drone USA is to establish a vast network of dealers and partners across North America to jointly develop and deliver innovative solutions for commercial UAS applications.


Founded in 2011 the company quickly became the market leader in the area of professional flying cameras for civilian applications with now over 350 UAS in operation across Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa. In 2013 service-drone acquired its competitor MULTIROTOR. Their combined expertise allowed them to develop a leading-edge proprietary flight control system.

Now in its 4th generation of models are a dual processor flight controller with a ‘Black Box’ to capture complete flight data 128 times per second and scriptable fully autonomous flight capabilities. The latter allows for a variety of sophisticated, robust applications. Customers include film studios, professional photographers, television stations, industrial service providers such as building inspectors and surveyors, and engineering bureaus.

Members of the newly founded US company include the founders of GmbH and Dr. Lutz who directs the day-to-day operations onsite from Boulder, CO.

Those interested in becoming a licensed dealer or partner, please contact our Boulder office via for more information and product demonstrations.