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Legion training and simulation joins global unmanned systems training academy to further use of sim training.


Christchurch, Dorset United Kingdom and San Angelo, Texas – AV8 UAS Solutions, Ltd and Legion Training and Simulation, LLC (“LTS”) have announced their intention to collaborate in the initial release and use of the Virtual ENvironment Operations Module, “VENOM” for Unmanned Systems Training.

Steven Jones, CEO of LTS spoke concerning the partnership: “Our Flagship product VENOM was designed specifically to provide an affordable, fully tailorable high-fidelity Modeling & Simulation-based training capability for the commercial Unmanned Systems industry.  We have integrated the “Best of Breed” applications available to provide a product line that is unequalled both in functionality, accuracy, realism and cost-effectiveness. The opportunity to team with the Academy provides an unparalleled learning capability for students to immerse themselves in High Fidelity, realistic situations regardless of the type of system they wish to use, be it generic or specific”. To learn more about LTS, visit

Combined with the high level of operational experience and training capabilities of the Academy and its staff, the partnership will provide the World’s First fully immersive simulation capability across all sectors of Unmanned Systems.

Initially to be used for Air systems training, VENOM will be fully adaptable across the Ground, Surface and Underwater domains, with customized, AI-driven scenarios generated through the use of ultra-high fidelity software applications; thus making it the most adaptable yet affordable training tool currently on the market.

The academy’s current director, Mick Davidson (of AV8 UAS Solutions Ltd) said: “It is important in today’s cost effective and safety conscious world that we have the best simulation tools available at all levels of training. Whether it’s for Ab Initio, currency or competency teaching, training or instruction, the VENOM training architecture is an excellent piece of hard and software that will allow the academy to train in generic and bespoke situations. We have been creating scenarios for a long time now, covering many situations; the system is now ready for the market place”.

Gathering expertise across all domains of Unmanned Systems has allowed the partnership to develop a simulation tool that has never been seen before. As the product rapidly matures, we will use it to fly, pilot or drive generic or bespoke systems and be realistic to the system and its functionality. We can also simulate most commercially available sensors in some of the best High Fidelity training scenarios that we at the academy have ever seen. When we say ‘World’s First’, it is not something we take lightly; VENOM, along with our close relationship with LTS, places the Academy in a very strong position and we are delighted to now be able to offer this unprecedented level of simulation”. To learn more about GUSTA and AV8, please visit

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