DHL drone delivers medicine across the Rhine

dhl medicine drone

This winter microdrones’ md4-1000 achieved something no other quadcopter had previously done. An md4-1000 delivered parcels with medicine from a pharmacy in Bonn, Germany to the DHL-headquarter across the Rhine River.

This project demonstrates how microdrones add a new dimension to a logistical value chain.

Using microdrones as an unmanned-cargo platform for parcels distribution provides an organization with more flexibility and capabilities to deliver parcels.

This project took place from 9th – 13th of December 2013.

Delivered parcels per day:                        8
Transported net payload:                         6000g
Total km traveled:                                     50km

We like to express our gratitude to Deutsche Post DHL for this unique and pioneering opportunity!

Special thanks to Chris, Daniel², Elmar, Gunnar, Joachim, Johannes, Jonas, Sven and the whole microdrones team for supporting this historical moment.

Special thanks to! Ferdi Fischer who is the director and coordinator of this prodigious, documentational video.