New Heights for Thermal Imaging


For the past two decades, aerial thermography has been used to locate energy loss, pollution and structural damage, from high altitude flights flown by full size aircraft.  For the past few years UAS have captured a simple video feed from basic infrared cores. Today, the ORION, an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), now captures radiometric sequence recordings while performing precision low-altitude flights. Flown remotely, the ORION records and stores radiometric data onboard allowing a quantitative post-flight analysis of the infrared data.  Accessibility to the raw thermal data, with exceptional resolution, saves time and greatly reduces organizational costs.  This system improves analysis for a wide scope of scientific and industrial applications such as: inspection of buildings, solar panels, wildlife filming, and water run-off analysis.

The ORION has changed the way the world is looking at aerial thermal imagery. Advancing aerial thermography from core images, to providing the thermographer with the ability to measure the exact temperature for each pixel in the thermal image. The aerial system operates in close proximity to the subject capturing unequaled resolution and data collection.

ORION was developed with the collaboration from FLIR Canada, the leader in the design and manufacturing of thermal imaging infrared cameras. The FLIR A65 camera has been chosen by Infinite Jib™ Inc. to be the primary payload of the ORION flight system.  According to FLIR Canada, the ORION is the world’s first multi-rotor capable of capturing and managing radiometric data. Now for the first time UAS operators can acquire the same radiometric imagery that users of professional handheld thermal cameras need to do a proper analysis of an issue.

This unique combination of a programmable flight plan Multi-rotor UAV with a small, fully radiometric thermal camera is revolutionary for many markets such as solar panel inspection, flat roof, and building envelope inspections…

Radiometric Data Collection:

·       The on-board FLIR A65 thermal camera produces crisp images of 640 x 512 pixels.

·       While in-flight, live data is viewed and adjustments can be executed through the ground station to access the on-board FLIR Tools + software.

·       HD video link provides redundant down link to view on either smart phones, tablets and/or laptops.

“Infinite Jib has created a professional aerial thermo-graphic imaging system that is light years ahead of systems that require piloted flight and can only stream dead video to a ground station.   They have turned this technology from a toy into a tool”, according to Rob Milner, Automation Manager at FLIR Systems Ltd.

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Important Note: Within Canada, a Special Flight Operating Certificate (SFOC), issued by Transport Canada,  is required to operate an Unmanned Aerial System for professional or commercial purposes.
Please understand and adhere to local regulations when operating outside of Canada.