Thor HD Network Video Server with H.264 Encoder


Thor now carries a new H.264 hardware encoder line that is purpose built for modern network video & Inetnet transport. HD Network Video Servers (HD-NVS) by Thor Broadcast offer video input up to 3G-SDI.

The input video is encoded via H.264 at full frame rate and resolutions up to 1080p60. H-HD-NVS systems couple this high level encoding with a state of the art, advanced protocol network server. This provides IP video streams through RTSP, HTTP, or HTTPS protocols.

Early IP video protocols such as UDP or RTP are very basic in nature. UDP is single ended, meaning the transmitting device never even communicates with the receiving device. There is no feedback control, and no way to recover if packets are lost. RTSP and HTTP protocols are based on advanced client – server communication. These protocols are used for everything from youtube to netflix, and are the only way to send video over unstable networks such as the Internet.
Thor HD-NVS systems allow transport of full 1080p60 video over the public internet without any other hardware, an industry first for equipment at such an affordable cost. No subscription service, Cloud Servers, or Content Delivery Network is needed, allowing for a one time equipment purchase to reliably provide high quality HD Internet Video Transport.