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New Aeromapper X5 from Aeromao

“The Aeromapper X5 drone is a complete ready to fly UAV for mapping and surveying applications.
Created by Aeromao Inc, it carries a 24 Megapixel camera for high resolution mapping (up to 2cm/pixel) and 2.5 Has of area coverage per flight.
It is easy to hand launch and it can be operated without any experience or training, since it flies completely autonomously and lands via parachute recovery system.
In has a ventral carbon fiber door that closes before landing to protect the camera lens, so it can land in gravel, rocks, grass, vegetation or anyother surface without damaging its camera.
It is an ideal UAV to master the art of mapping while having the pace of mind that a parachute landing offers.

Once the user gets familiar with it, can make its transition to its much larger brother: The Aeromapper UAV ( A full composite mapping drone for larger areas.
The Aeromapper X5 uses the supersuccessful ArduPilot Mega as autopilot and includes 2-way telemetry for in-flight commands and Ground Control Station.
Besides its parachute system for landing, it was also conceived to take a lot of abuse: several carbon fiber rods are carefully installed in all its airframe, some even internally, achieving the best combination of low weight, strength and low cost.

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