Hercules did run down RQ-7B in Afghanistan


Back in August of 2011 sUAS News broke the story with exclusive pictures of the aftermath of the collision between a C-130 and a RQ-7B Shadow over the skies of Afghanistan. At the time, Chief editor Gary Mortimer alluded to a comprehensive report. Since the initial publication, I have had interested parties ask for updates and or a copy of the


findings. I have been asking around and was told that the report would be undoubtedly made public in due course. Due course seems to run its course in this industry, and due course usually means buried in obscurity and behind closed

sUAS News with another exclusive has some information to share with the UAS community on just how the mishap went down. From first reports, I was given backstory on the mechanics of how the mishap transpired with commentary about who was at fault and why.doors.

While the commentary has value and offers insight into some procedural shortcomings, I felt it a bit revealing. Not as a part of any cover up, but the source. The goal here is to disseminate information and give insights. So, in a nutshell…

Incident: midair collision

Aircraft: MC-130 / RQ-7B

Date: of incident: 20110815 OCONUS

Serious Incident Finding:

The midair collision concerning the RQ-7B (SHADOW “UNMANNED”) and the MC-130 (HERCULES) is found by basis of this investigation. On 20110815 while RQ-7B was at 4500 ft AGL was overtaken by manned aircraft MC-130 on a procedural deviance. A finding of airspace management was also at fault due to the oversight and traffic controller experience.

The finding does raise questions… Mainly, how come this finding was not made public?


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