Sensintel acquires BAE Systems Unmanned Aircraft Program business


Sensintel Inc.–a newly formed company and provider of unmanned aerial systems (UAS), sensors, and related services–has acquired BAE Systems’ Unmanned Aircraft Programs business.

“The decision to acquire this business and form Sensintel was an easy one, given my passion for aviation and my belief in the unmanned industry,” says Matthew Pobloske, the Tucson business man who founded Sensintel. “I remain fully invested in unmanned aircraft long term and believe in the future growth of remote sensing in general.”

Sensintel’s 30 employees will design and manufacture three UAS: the Silver Fox, the Manta, and the Coyote. The company also will provide associated ground support equipment, sensors, and software, as well as a variety of services, including engineering, modifications, flight operations, and training.

“As we move forward, we will continue to look for ways to expand our portfolio of offerings and explore new, emerging platforms and sensors,” Pobloske adds.