Students test new heights of drone use


The technology of unmanned aerial vehicles may soon be used to deliver snacks to your front door.

The Drone Lab, a group-directed study composed of nine students in the UC Berkeley School of Information, is currently working with consumer-grade drones to extend the possibilities for their application in everyday life. The students meet regularly to test the drones’ capabilities, write codes to make the drones more user-friendly and brainstorm possible future applications for the machines.

“We want to understand the affordances of this technology and how we can apply (it) in various contexts to some real-world problems,” said Dave Lester, a member of the Drone Lab. “We’re trying to think of how these drones could be used by people in their everyday lives.”

The Drone Lab has received much attention due to the prevalent negative implications of the word “drone” and its associations with military use and surveillance. According to the group, however, these associations present a limited view of the possible applications of drones.

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