New Feiyu FY41 AP autopilot released.

Shipping now and unusual in the market as it has an inbuilt on screen display (OSD) the $289 FY41 AP.

In their own words it comes with:-

Internally integrated OSD, with new graphics overlay for more clear and accurate on-screen parameter display.

• Accurate air speed sensor will automatically adjust airplane air speed via the throttle channel! Easy Airspeed setting!

• Power Manager ensures stable power to FY41AP and RC Receiver. (NOTE: Power Manager does not supply power to flight servos).

• Flight parameters can be set using your RC Transmitter. You don’t have to lug around your field computer anymore !

The FY41 AP is suitable for just about any type of fixed wing UA and looking at this video it seems ready for multirotors as well.

This sort of low cost autopilot mass produced in China will no doubt flood emerging markets. Just add $100 worth of airframe and you are still well short of the $500 UAS. As these products continue to improve the West will struggle to compete.

Read the manual here.


Fixed wing flight showing the OSD here