Agriculture Americas Civil Multirotor

IDETEC Unmanned Systems delivers their first iMK-8 multirotor solution with 10 spectral bands.

IDETEC Unmanned Systems has delivered their first iMK-8 multirotor unmanned aerial system equipped with 3 payload cameras capable to obtain up to 10 spectral bands simultaneously. The final customer, a university located in Chile, will use the system for a wide range in agriculture research helping the industry to define and improve performance and quality models in crops.

This system is a new and powerful tool for researchers. It’s capable to obtain a huge amount of information in a single flight using a small, flexible and proven multirotor UAV platform. To manage the payload system, IDETEC Unmanned Systems has developed a microcontrolled unit to synchronize and activate all onboard camera sensors.

All images have IMU and GPS reference, so it’s possible to generate mosaics and digital elevation models using any image process software or service available in the market today. This version of iMK-8 is denominated iMK-8 10-B and it’s equipped with Tetracam Mini MCA, Guide Infrared EasIR-9 and Panasonic Lumix TS-4. All cameras are integrated to the autopilot using a microcontrolled unit customizable for a wide range of sensors.

iMK-8 10-B has recently passed a set of flight test to certify the operational status in agricultural environment, including waypoint navigation in heavy wind conditions. IDETEC Unmanned Systems provide a family of UAS for Agriculture, Mining and Law Enforcement industries; with customers in 7 countries and partnerships with relevant brands in the international UAS industry.
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