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Tetracam Announces Multi-spectral Imaging Workshop August 19 – 21

Throughout the world, Tetracam multi-spectral imaging systems monitor visible and near-infrared radiation to spot crop threats and increase crop yield.  On August 19 through 21 2013, Tetracam will be conducting a 3-day workshop entitled “Principals of Multi-spectral Imaging Technology” in Los Angeles, California. 

This class teaches attendees how to use Tetracam hardware and software, how to integrate multi-spectral systems with manned and unmanned aircraft, how to interpret multi-spectral imagery for dozens of agricultural and environmental applications, how to correct problems that cause image distortions and how to stitch multiple images together in geo-referenced image mosaics.  Team-taught by five industry professionals, this class qualifies sUAS providers to become authorized Tetracam system integrators, obtain systems at distributor discounts and sell integrated UAV-camera systems to customers around the world.  For more information on this workshop, please phone 323-319-3693 or visit:

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