NESTA, Garden Drones

Perhaps the best info graphic I have ever seen explaining what you need to do to build and fly a UA legally in the UK. Just think UAPO it’s not impossible to fly in the centre of a major city underneath one of the busiest approach paths in the world.

Copter technology is now close to mass market; over 300,000 units of an iPhone-controlled quadrocopter have been sold to private users around the world. The opportunities for future applications of UAV technologies seem to be limited only by our imagination (and by national air space regulation). 

At this event we hosted a panel including Noel Sharkey (Professor of Artificial Intelligence at University of Sheffield), Liam Young (designer, futurist and critic at Tomorrow’s Thoughts Today) and Steven Hailes(Professor of Wireless Systems at UCL and the SUAAVE project) to discuss what we can do with UAVs in the future.

Well worth a click this link.