RAPS not a privacy concern, DHS

The DHS has flown under simulated emergency conditions and thinks that sUAS currently present few privacy concerns. Is that good enough for the FAA to carry on with the UAS test sites and airspace integration efforts?

sUAS could be valuable tools for emergency responders for rapid response and gaining invaluable situational awareness before responding to and engaging in potentially dangerous operations.

They could enable emergency responders to conduct more effective responses in critical operations,including: fire and wildfire response, natural and hazardous materials disaster evaluation and response, real-time law enforcement tactical operations support, and crime scene situational awareness. To assist emergency response agencies in the analysis and potential acquisition of these tools, the DHS S&T Borders and Maritime Security Division (BMD) is conducting the RAPS test project, which tests and evaluates current sUAS platforms available to the first responder and homeland security operational communities. The tests will examine sUAS capabilities, effectiveness, and utility in helping first responders and their operations. Users may then use the published test results to support future decisions on acquisition and deployment of the systems.

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